Here are some of the research questions we pose in our lab!

How can we structure instruction so that students are best able to draw on their own prior knowledge when learning or problem-solving?

Through Analogies in Mathematics

With Explanation & Comparison

With Certain Types of Diagrams

How do students’ math anxiety and attitudes affect learning or problem solving? Math Anxiety and Attitudes

What is the nature of children’s foundational knowledge of whole numbers and their operations, and how does this change as they learn about other kinds of numbers? Conceptual Change in Arithmetic

What is the role of variability in learning and reasoning about mathematics? Cognitive Variability

How might math skills bear on health decisions (e.g., during a pandemic!). Math & health reasoning

If you are an undergraduate in the UK Psychology program, and you are interested in joining my lab as a PSY 394/395 research assistant in the 2021-2022 school year, find more information here.

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