PSY 394/395: Undergraduate Lab Experience at UK Psych

Interested in getting research experience in the fields of developmental or cognitive psychology? I am looking for undergraduate students to join my lab in Spring 2023 (PSY 394/395). My undergraduates are involved with all aspects of the research process, from design to data collection to dissemination. Find more information here.

PSY 223: Developmental Psychology

In this entry level course, my students learn about the nature of children’s development. We cover prenatal development to adolescence, and explore children’s physical, cognitive, and social development as well as the interactions between them. I place a heavy emphasis on understanding the research findings and methods that have allowed developmental scientists to understand the nature and mechanisms of development. Students are asked to write weekly short responses to help them reflect on the applicability of what they learn in class. I also show a lot of baby videos!

Click here for the syllabus from Fall 2021. Unfortunately, I will not be teaching this one again until Fall 2023 at the earliest. Note that assignments fluctuate semester-to-semester based on my available TA support.

PSY 460: Processes of Psychological Development (Lecture/Lab)

In this upper level course, my students learn about the research methods used in developmental psychology with more depth than in previous classes. In addition to experimental methods, we cover quantitative and qualitative methodologies to examine age-related changes and development in context. We also discuss methodologies designed to be used specifically with infants and children. In the second half of the course, we discuss major theories of development and recent important findings. The primary focus is understanding, interpreting, and critiquing developmental research.

A major aspect of the course is the development of group research projects. In lab, students are asked to pose a research question, develop hypotheses based on prior research in that area, develop a method for testing their hypotheses, collect relevant data with real people, and communicate and present their findings.

Click here for the syllabus from Fall 2022. I will likely teach this again in Fall 2023.

PSY 563: Adv. Topics in Dev. Psych: How Children Learn

This capstone seminar is the jewel in the crown of an undergraduate career! It is my newest course, and it is a lot of fun! We explore various ways to define learning by reading top-notch empirical research, both historical and cutting edge. We consider the sociocultural factors that affect learning, including formal and informal instruction, as well as parents, families, and media. This seminar is heavily student led. I pick the readings, but students decide what to talk about and how. We learn together through communication and conversation!

Click here for the syllabus from Spring 2022. Spring 2023 will be very similar.

Coming soon! Graduate Course in Cognitive Development in Spring 2023!

Previous Courses Taught

  • Psychological Foundations of Education (KSU, Masters)
  • General Linear Modeling Lab (UW-Madison, PhD)
  • Cognitive Development Discussion (UW-Madison, UG)
  • Experimental Psychology Lab (UW-Madison, UG)